San Lorenzo Creek Watershed Archive

Cull Creek Dam: Chronological History

1960The Davis Grunsky Act of 1960 was authorized as part of the Burns-Porter Act -- it was a statewide program that provides financial assistance to local public agencies for the development, control, and conservation of the water resources of California. Grants were issued for part of the construction costs of any dam and reservoir allocated for recreation and the enhancement of fish and wildlife.
November 25, 1960 Alameda County Flood Control District (District) applied to the State Department of Water Resources (DWR) for funds under the Davis-Grunsky Act to assist in the financing of the construction of the dams and reservoirs.
November 29, 1960 Resolution 4189 -- Resolution of Intention to Enter into License Agreement with East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD); Resolution also required EBRPD to submit a recreation master plan for the two reservoirs prior to execution of the Licensce Agreement. District acquired the sites for the construction of the two dams (Cull Creek and Don Castro Dams).
September 26, 1961 Resolution 4672 -- EBRPD recreation master plan approved and adopted by the Board.
October 24, 1961 Resolution 4720 -- authorizing execution of Real Property License Agreement (A3-2.502) between District and EBRPD; both parties authorized to plan, improve, maintain and operate facilities and parks for public recreation; District to construct two dams and reservoirs (one on Cull Creek and one on San Lorenzo Creek); District conferred upon EBRPD the license and privilege to use Cull Creek Dam and Reservoir site (and San Lorenzo Creek Dam and Reservoir site) for the purposes of improving, maintaining and operating them as public parks and recreational facilities; license granted for a term of 25 years with an option to EBRPD to renew for addtional periods of 25 years thereafter. EBRPD shall erect and maintain signs on which the names of the park and reservoir shall be prominently displayed.
1962-1963 Construction of Cull Creek Dam -- 55 feet tall earth-filled dam; impounds approximately 310 acre-feet of water.
May 22, 1964 State DWR and District entered into a Recreation Grant Contract No. D-GGR3 under the Davis-Grunsky Act, to provide recreation grants from State to assist in financing the construction of Don Castro Dam/Reservoir (formerly San Lorenzo Creek Dam) and Cull Creek Dam/Reservoir.
1966 Cull Canyon lagoon won the 1966 Governor's Design Award for Exceptional Distinction for Recreational Development in the category of landscape.
March 22, 1968 Amendment No. 1 to Recreation Grant Contract No. D-GGR3 (dated 5-22-64) between State DWR and District (Contract Amendment No. D-GGR3-A1) -- Provisions and obligations of the parties re: Cull Creek Dam/Reservoir and Cull Creek onshore recreaton facilities shall remain in effect until December 31, 2015.
April 2, 1971 Amendment No. 2 to Recreation Grant Contract No. D-GGR3 (dated 5-22-64) between State DWR and District (Contract Amendment No. D-GGR3-A2) -- re: parking and signage.
1973-1974 Major Sediment Removal Project -- extracted 290,000 cubic yard (c.y.) of sediment and alost fully restored the reservoir to its original water surface area. Restoration project took nearly two years.
April 12, 1974 Resolution authorizing amendment of License Agreement (A3-2.502) to include additional acquired lands (approx. 3.7 acres).
July 31, 1974 Letter from EBRPD to Hayward Area Recreation District (HARD) regarding formal request that HARD assumes operation and maintenance of Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area. HARD could assume Park's lease with District. Approval from State DWR is necessary because the dam/resoervoir was partly funded by Davis-Grunsky grant.
April 11, 1975 Letter from District to EBRPD regarding amendment to exclude portion of Cull Canyon Regional Recreation area south of Heyer Ave. from existing agreement. The area is to be assigned to HARD for recreational operation and maintenance.
June 27, 1975 Resolution -- Amendment of License Agreement (A3-2.502) with EBRPD (dated 7-15-75); EBRPD excluded approx. 84 acres from license agreement and transferred to HARD; EBRPD continued to operate more than 90 acres remaining at Cull Canyon Park.
July 15, 1975 License Agreement -- District and HARD to improve, maintain and operate recreational facilities on certain lands in Zone 2.
November 2, 1977 EBRPD desired to release from license agreement the necessary right-of-way for the Columbia access road and portion of park between the road and private property on Center St. District Recommended EBRPD to continue to maintain area between road and Center St., and only the road right-of-way be amended out of the agreement between District and EBRPD.
March 1, 1979 Agreement among District, EBRPD, and Columbia Associates -- providing for Columbia's assumption of certain obligations contained in District's agreement with State DWR (Davis-Grunsky Act).
1979 Amendment No. 3 to Recreation Grant Contract No. D-GGR3 (dated 5-22-64) between State DWR and District (Contract Amendment No. D-GGR3-A3) -- implement mitigation measures to minimize impact of proposed access road (Columbia Drive) passing through Cull Creek Recreation Area.
1979 Cull Canyon Demonstration Project was conducted in cooperation with the landowners in Cull Canyon and the Resource Conservation District. The project was to establish sedimentation rates in cull canyon and what could be done to reduce these rates to prolong the life of the reservoir. The District measured Cull Creek from the reservoir to the upstream end of the watershed and constructed erosion control structures in the Creek to demonstrate and measure how effective these measures were. Post and wire revetments were used to control erosion at meanders, rip rap was used in more of the straight sections of the creek. These measures were monitored for approximately 3 years to see if they were effective. The sediment sampling showed a large amount of erosion in the canyon and what measures were implemented did little to stop the sedimentation of the reservoir.
1980s An in-stream debris basin was constructed upstream of Columbia Drive near the EBRPD corporation yard. Coarse-grained sediments are deposited in the debris basin and periodically removed by District.
April 21, 1981 EBRPD Resolution -- Purpose of amendment was to delete the Columbia Drive (new street access) right-of-way from the overall right-of-way of Cull Canyon Recreation Area as described in Agreement A3-2.502.
June 12, 1981 Board Resoltuion to Execute Amendment and Release to the Real Proeprty License Agreement with EBRPD, Zone 2, A3-2.502M
October 21, 1986 Modification of Agreement (C-86-468) between District and EBRPD -- extend Agreement of 10-24-61 an additional 6 month from termination date of 10-24-86 to 4-24-87, in order to negotiate terms for next 25 years.
April 7, 1987 Renewal of Agreement (C-87-129) and MOU between District and Park pertaining to interpretations of certain operating conditions was executed by District on 3-20-87 and executed by EBRPD on 4-7-87. Renewal of Agreement extends License Agreement, including MOU, for an additional 25 years, to 10-24-2001.
July 27, 1999 Advertised, received bids and awarded contract to HSR, Inc., for the desilting of Cull Creek Gabion Silt Basin and the Clearing of Columbia Drive Culvert in Castro Valley, Zone 2 Project; FC 2-D-110; Low Bid Amount $173,444.
August 17, 1999 Advertised, received and rejected all bids and approved Negative Declaration for the Cull Canyon and Don Castro Reservoirs Desilting Pilot Project, Castro Valley, Zone 2 Project. Engineer's estimate was $1,425,000; low bid was $2,123,000.
April 25, 2000 Advertised, received bids and awarded contract to Harding Lawson Associates, Inc. for the Cull Canyon and Don Castro Reservoirs Desilting Pilot Project, Castro Valley, Zone 2 Project, FC 2-172, Low Bid $1,374,634. Removal of approximately 11,300 c.y. of sediment near the upstream delta area.
2000-2002 EBMUD constructed portion of the southern loop pipeline in front of the toe of Cull Creek dam and under the reinforced concrete spillway structure. EBMUD obtained a 30-foot wide strip of easement from District along the centerline of the pipeline.
August 14, 2001 Approved Execution of Agreement with URS to complete the Long-Range Sediment Management Plan for Cull Canyon and Don Castro Reservoirs; contract not-to-exceed amount was $75,653. Final report completed in June 2003.
August 2003 State Department of Water Resources -- Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) finalized the Memorandum of Design Review (preliminary re-evaluation of the seismic stablity of Cull Creek Dam and Don Castro (San Lorenzo Creek) Dam as part of the DSOD's Hayward Fault Study). Both memoranda indicated that the seismic stability of the dams was found to be questionable due to limited pre-construction geotechnical information available.
September 2, 2004 DSOD requested District to provide a plan and schedule for performing field exploration, soil laboratory testing, and updating of the seismic stability evlautaion of the two dams. The findings will show the extent of seismic retrofit improvements necessary, if any, and any other requirements deemed necessary by DSOD; DSOD will help District in evaluating options for maintaining the dams/reservoirs, and potentially modifying the dams/reservoirs for flood control retention and coneyance. The information generated by these analysis will be incorporated into District's Zone 2 Master Plan.
November 16, 2004 Board approved execution of Agreement with Cal Engineering & Geology, Inc. for the geotechnical exploration and seismic stability analyses at Cull Creek Dam and Don Castro Dam in Castro Valley, Zone 2 Project; contract not-to-exceed amount was $80,129.
August 2005 Preliminary Seismic Stability Reports for Don Castro dam and Cull Creek Dam were completed, in consultation with DSOD. Based on the updated subsurface exploration data and analyses, the preliminary results indicated that Cull Creek dam was seismically unstable. DSOD requested District to conduct further detail soil exploration and analysis to confirm extent of instability.
August 29, 2005 Board approved execution of a Modification of Agreement with Cal Engineering & Geology, Inc. to conduct additional geotechnical exploration and seismic analyses at Cull Creek Dam; contract not-to-exceed amount was $98,315.
June 2006 Additional seismic study as requested by DSOD was completed and submitted to DSOD for final review and acceptance.
June/July 2006 Interim measure, as requested by DSOD, to address seismic stability was implemented. A 12" pipe was installed with the inlet flowline about two feet below the top of the concrete spillway. As a result, the freeboard was increased from 10 feet to 12 feet.
October 19, 2006 Received notification from DSOD accepting the final seismic stability Reports for both Cull Creek Dam and Don Castro Dam. DSOD indicated in the letter that the interim measure of increasing the operational freeboard to a minimum of 12-feet is acceptable until a long-term plan is developed. DSOD requested the submittal of a long term plan and schedule by January 1, 2007.

Source: Prepared by Alameda County Flood Control District, November 1, 2006