Alameda County Ordinances
Section 13.12.320: Setback Criteria

Section A — Typical where 100-year storm flow is contained within banks of existing watercourse.

Section B — Typical where existing channel is sufficiently large to allow side encroachment.

(a) = Slope of bank shall be 2 horizontal to 1 vertical or flatter,
as determined by director of public works.

Section C — Typical for a flood plain where the watercourse must be enlarged to permit development.

(b) = Sides of channel shall be structurally stable. If sides are of earth,
they shall have a maximum slope of 2 horizontal to 1 vertical.


1. Sections B and C shall be based on maximum development under existing General Plan.

2. Sections A, B, and C are not applicable to developed areas where provisions of Sec. 7-200.6 (Not retroactive) apply.

Sec. 7-200.6 Not Retroactive: This chapter shall be prospective in operation only. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to existing construction for which all previously necessary permits were obtained. Said provisions shall also not apply to a project or development not yet constructed provided that an appropriate permit has been obtained and said permit bears a date prior to the effective date of this chapter.