City of San Leandro Municipal Code
Chapter 3-15: Storm Water Management and Discharge Control

(Current as of July 2012)


(a) Every person owning property through which a watercourse passes, or such personís lessee or tenant, shall keep and maintain that part of the watercourse within the property reasonably free of trash, debris, excessive vegetation, and other obstacles which would pollute, contaminate, or significantly retard the flow of water through the watercourse; shall maintain existing privately-owned structures within or adjacent to a watercourse, so that such structures will not become a hazard to the use, function, or physical integrity of the watercourse; and shall not remove healthy bank vegetation beyond that actually necessary for said maintenance, nor remove said vegetation in such a manner as to increase the vulnerability of the watercourse to erosion.

No person shall commit or cause to be committed any of the following acts, unless a written authorization has first been obtained from the City Manager or his or her designee:

(1) Discharge into or connect any pipe or channel to a watercourse;

(2) Modify the natural flow of water in a watercourse;

(3) Carry out development within thirty feet (30) of the center line of any creek or twenty feet (20) of the top of a bank;

(4) Deposit in, plant in, or remove any material from a watercourse including its banks, except as required for necessary maintenance;

(5) Construct, alert, enlarge, connect to, change, or remove any structure in a watercourse; or

(6) Place any loose or unconsolidated material along the side of or within a watercourse, or so close to the side as to cause a diversion of the flow, or to cause a probability of such material being carried away by storm waters passing through such watercourse.

(Legislative History: Ordinance No. 2001-06, 3/19/01)